Friday, April 12, 2013

Grilled veggie sandwich and bell pepper eggs.

Feeding my 18 mo is not a challenge. He simply is a good eater. However, I like to experiment and do different stuffs so my little one can have a variety. Being from India, the staples are always Idly(rice pancakes), dosai (rice flour savory crepes), thayir sadham (yogurt rice), and paruppu sadham(lentil rice.) Apart from these I make pasta dishes, bread sandwiches, cutlets, etc for him. That being said, I do not cook meat at home although I make eggs. He doesn't seem to like the taste of eggs and when I give him a boiled egg, he just loves to squish the yellow part and throw it down so I can go ahead and clean up the rugs for the next one hour! Phew!! Still, I try to boil, scramble, fry or do something or the other for him to eat to get him used to the flavor. Recently I kept seeing pictures of capsicum/bell pepper eggs and wanted to try them.  They were yum and we all enjoyed eating eggs that looked very appealing. So here are the pictures without much ado.

I did not want raw bell pepper rings and so I did char them a bit on all sides first. Then I broke one egg inside one of the rings. What I found was that the eggs just did not hold inside the rings as I originally thought it would but just ran all over. So I added a couple of other rings and thought I would try to get half and half in them. So I ended up having just the white in one more of the rings and the remainder of eggs with yolk on another ring. They simply ran out even then. I realized that may be I just needed to cut them out to shape in the end.

I like my eggs fried and done well on both sides and so I flipped them over and then while serving cut of some large chunks that were dangling outside. 

 Next, I had left over bell pepper rings from top and bottom and some zucchini slices and so I seared them on the tava and added them to a grilled cheese sandwich to finish off dinner for my DS.

One easy 15 minute meal ready! My LO just devoured the sandwich and egg. I should say that he loves just a hint of spice as of now and so he loved the red pepper which has a slightly sweet taste to it.