Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rising and shining

True to my own words, I have decided to rise and shine myself! To start off, I have always loved the artistic people who seem to do so much with their hands and have always envied them and wondered how I have never been given that one talent (as if I have every other talent in the world :o) by God! I loved how a close relative painted her own dresses, decorated her home with her hand made stuffs, a friend of mine decorated her son's nursery with her own paintings, how another decorated her different rooms in themes and how there seemed to be a big gap or a hole in artistic skills where I was concerned. I had even got myself a set of fabric paints to paint my son's tee to celebrate his first birthday but never got around to doing it at all!!!

  Then I remembered that I had always begged and cajoled my mom into finishing my school art projects - drawing, sewing, cutting, trimming, gluing and all the rest. Wondered if it was because I was incapable of doing any of it or if I did not care enough about it, or whether I did not have enough patience for it, or was too bored about it. I still am not able to figure out what it was exactly. But I keep wondering how all of a sudden I have this huge urge to do something artistic. I want to sew, to paint, to cut, to glue, to make something out of my hands that for some reason or other have never done so far.

       So I go on a trip to Walmart- our find it all store- and try to go to the art and supplies section and load my cart with all things I want to do. I took some fashion jewellery making supplies, took some paint supplies, and some DIY projects that were half completed and half left to us to complete and marched home. And then, they sat at our home for a long time, being the procrastinator(Oh my God! did i just declare it online to the whole world!) that I am!  I decided at one point this year that enough was enough and scheduled the best time I could squeeze between my work, and my other commitments to commit to doing something with all the projects that I had ended up buying. I must say that looking back, in the one month since the new year, I have accomplished something..No, no coming from the person I am, I have accomplished a lot. So here goes, I am going to first show a couple of the initial projects that I started with and then go ahead and add more along the way. BTW, did I let you in on another secret? I am an Aquarian and being the Jack of all trades --look at the spread of stuff that I started on! From painting, to sewing, to jewellery making, to baking! Here are some of it. I feel good, I feel great and I cannot believe January is not yet over and I have tried them all.. I am going to keep doing all of this until I can say that I have fallen in love with one particular line that I want to continue. Or, who knows? I may be doing them all!!!

Keys: I got a wooden unpainted block of key hanger and using 'Painter's' markers, just added color to the wooden block. Just something to see how the paint turned out to be.

Earrings: These again I got the beads and all from a DIY kit and got myself busy doing it. As you can see from the shape and quality of the hooks, these are my first ones!
My Second earring pair
My first pair

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another new year

This past year had a lot of good things but a bunch of bad times for me from the end of the year...Yes! things I wished to change had not changed and I realize that things don't change on their own...I have to be the instrument of change...Hoping that this new year I can be the change I wish to see. So happy new year everybody! Rise and shine!!!