Monday, March 21, 2011

My first post for the x-th time!

I have been starting new blogs and writing them...but never keeping it consistent..never continuing it..and not ready to spend some time dedicating to writing something. Also, I have been an avid reader all my life but not really penned I always had the doubts if what I write is going to be worthwhile. Next comes the issue of am I going to show myself-my strengths, my weaknesses, who I am- to the entire world? The www is not going to be easy on me; how can I withhold my identity and/or discuss issues without creating trouble for me and everyone around me? These are questions and doubts that I always had and thus kept starting and deleting blogs very soon. So this time, I decided not to tell who I am..but with all the rantings everyone is going to know that this sure is a woman! So what is obvious I have added; whatever I consider otherwise, I am going to try to avoid. So no names, no other people's names...nothing to complicate my life and those around me; just a few rantings here and some musings there to make myself better. Sometimes, if we keep a record of our thoughts, our deeds, we will be more accountable. Or, that is what I always have felt...So here I am finishing my first post for the x-th time and hoping that I do not go through the ordeal of deleting this profile too and going on a sabbatical until another one starts!

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