Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beauty in everything...

There is beauty in everything. Just look around! With spring here, there is so much beauty that my eyes cannot stop seeing. A couple of days ago, me and my friends, found a neat little pond with a fountain that had started and birds happily swimming across...Trees blooming everywhere with flowers - white, pink, red, and many more...Taking a minute to look at these, to stop and stare, to stop and admire, a minute is all we need. The above picture is actually the view from my room. I open my eyes to these beautiful flowers and cannot but help smile! "What a wonderful world ...." is the tune with which I am starting my day, everyday...thanks to nature's beauty and bounty!
So all you folks out there, take a minute to stop, admire, and smile at the beauty that nature has bestowed upon us in the name of spring...and feel the energy that these bring on to you!!!

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