Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who am I?

It has been quite sometime that I wrote on this. And, I am starting to get a panic attack :) Am I going back to forgetting to blog, am I going to do something else, and all that. But, it is just that I had got a ton of other stuff to do and I do not want to blah blah on the blog that I have not done it. I was just thinking that I need a blog on myself! Who am I? What am I going to  achieve? What is important in a person's/my life? So let me go ahead with documenting a few things, without having to go on a blah blah blah of questions!
   I am a woman getting close to the thirties, getting close to accepting, loving, and understanding this stranger with whom I started sharing my life close to a year and a half ago, and getting closer to being  a mom of our first child, among other things. I am a working woman but would rather give that up in helping to raise a healthy, lovable, well-behaved, good son! Yup that's going to be my first-born - a son! I am reading and have in the past read so many books, and articles on how to raise children or be a good parent which put one seed onto my head. Teach your child by deeds rather than words; kids learn by watching rather than by listening. So here I am: with the start of a new career, a new wife, a newer mom, trying to get rid of all or at the very least most of my vices and trying to be a good role-model for my son as he is starting to grow inside me. I can see the difference, a difference, that never happened before in me as well. I am growing along with him, into a better, more responsible person. Well I tell myself if anyone can be a mom, I can! I am not perfect, cannot be perfect, but can make changes, accommodate new life styles to suit another tiny li'l one who is going to be taking up the largest part of our hearts....
...I cannot believe that I chose to write about my thoughts, ambitions, my life, and ended up writing about this lil guy ;) Anywyz now our life is going to revolve around this bud, so be it!

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